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GET /api/date

Gets the current QR Date signed using the private key on QRDate.org. A random news article title and link from these sources fetched via RSS is attached:

Al Jazeera, BBC, CBS, CNBC, CNN, Corriere, DW, Dagens Nyheter, De Telegraaf, Der Spiegel, El Mundo, El Pais, Fox News, Le Monde, NDTV, NPR, NYT, News24, Repubblica, SCMP, Sky News, Stern, Sydney Morning Herald, The Guardian, The Independent, Time, Washington Post, YLE

Example response

            "timestamp": 1646274020022,
            "signature": "UXkyLcRPPO8E0DkwL9vdwydoL6HMUK9sC3LRlpFLYyaPn5KP5Vdt45hSnXOQ221t2Tz7v6ozJMKBLuPvdV18CA",
            "url": "https://qrdate.org/v?s=UXkyLcRPPO8E0DkwL9vdwydoL6HMUK9sC3LRlpFLYyaPn5KP5Vdt45hSnXOQ221t2Tz7v6ozJMKBLuPvdV18CA&t=1646274020022",
            "publicKey": "MCowBQYDK2VwAyEAdd1kV4qokPUtIhxmIBhMffjdUTzTDtHu39gwoP_kfEw",
            "ticker": {
                "title": "DW (01:02 UTC): Russia sieges Ukrainian cities amid world condemnation — live updates",
                "link": "https://www.dw.com/en/russia-sieges-ukrainian-cities-amid-world-condemnation-live-updates/a-60993269?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf"

GET /api/datemt63

Gets the current QR Date sonified as a MT63 mode transmission signal. The signal contains only the URL to verify the date.

The returned format is an MP3 stream that you can also save on you computer. It contains valid ID3 tags.

GET /api/verify

Verify a signature on a QR date using the public key on QRDate.org.

Example request

GET https://qrdate.org/api/verify?timestamp=1646275279646&signature=HGLgKBlUKqFfyeo3GipRcGLXrAPZ1hihHLdITby41Y_87aaFGXmNEHiNCVdvD0HnYBKLiauJDeWi_x_SLb-nAA

Example response

valid will be either true or false depending on if the signature was valid or not.

            "timestamp": "1646275279646",
            "signature": "HGLgKBlUKqFfyeo3GipRcGLXrAPZ1hihHLdITby41Y_87aaFGXmNEHiNCVdvD0HnYBKLiauJDeWi_x_SLb-nAA",
            "valid": true,
            "publicKey": "MCowBQYDK2VwAyEAdd1kV4qokPUtIhxmIBhMffjdUTzTDtHu39gwoP_kfEw"

GET /.well-known/public.pem

Returns the Ed25519 public key used on QRDate.org in PEM format.

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